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  Wine Restaurant Dominus celebrates its 21st anniversary this year.

  Our team is making its best efforts to offer you servicethat is better than ever before.

  We look forward to welcoming you with our delicious food and wine.

                  IDE Katsushige, Eriko, and Misato

           【 About Us 】               

  Dominus is a small, family owned restaurant located in the centre of Tokyo
  featuring the "marriage" between food and wine.

  We serve over 11 wines of the day from our stock of over
  150 kind of bottle wines and we also have and wide range of digestif.

  Our food is based on French cuisine mostly prepared by Sous-Vide techniques
  (low temperature vacuum cooking).
  We do not use any butter,
  we use olive oil and wines reflecting our health conscious policy.

  Our menu have both an a la carte and a Degustation Menu.
  All our staffs are certified Sommeliers who can offer the best matches for cuisine and wine.
  Please feel free to drop in and enjoy a glass of wine with snack on your own
  or you can spend a delightful night for dinner with your friends at Dominus.

  Counter:5 Seats and Four Table:13 Seats max.         

           【 Callender 】               

     Black:Open  Red:Closed  White:Wine Event      
     ※Only Christmas Menu will be available between 22nd Dec - 25th.

             【 Topics 】              

★ 2018/11/04 Update Menu                      

★ 2018/11/04 Update Callender                   


            【 Location 】              

     Nihonbashi Asahi Bldg.B1, 4-1-14,             
     Nihonbashi-Muromachi,Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, 103-0022       

     ・JR Line     4mins from Kanda STA South Exit    
     ・Sobu Line Rapid 2mins from Shin-Nihonbashi STA Exit2  
     ・Ginza Line    3mins from Mitsukoshimae STA A8    

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1997August Established in Ogikubo
2006September Established 2nd Restaurant in Kanda
2009December Closed Ogikubo Restaurant
2010March Relocated from Kanda to Ginza
2014December Closed Ginza Restaurant
2016July Opend Nihonbashi